Abdulaziz Almadhi

Hi, I'm Aziz, and I love cyber security. I've consulted and conducted penetration tests for companies of all sizes, from startups to global giants. Understanding when, why, and how products are protected excites me the most. Let's collaborate to make the digital world safer!

What I Do

Bug Hunter

There's something exhilarating about the hunt for bugs and the satisfaction that comes from contributing to a safer online environment. I take every opportunity to utilize my skills to the fullest, making a positive impact on the digital world, which is a good thing?

Penetration Testing

As a Penetration Testing professional!, I conduct comprehensive assessments of systems, meticulously testing networks, APIs, web and mobile applications. Leveraging tools like Kali Linux and Burp Suite, I identify vulnerabilities to strengthen cybersecurity. My dedication to robust security and continuous improvement ensures critical digital assets remain safeguarded.

Reports and Insights

As a Penetration Testing, I provide detailed reports on the vulnerabilities identified during assessments. These reports include clear explanations of the risks and actionable recommendations to strengthen cybersecurity. My goal is to empower organizations with the knowledge they need to enhance their security measures effectively.

Red teaming

If you're interested in exploring red teaming or need assistance with cybersecurity challenges, feel free to reach out. Let's collaborate to strengthen your defenses and ensure the safety of your digital assets. Together, we can navigate the fascinating world of cybersecurity and make a difference in this dynamic and critical field.

Fun Facts

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